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How Times Have Changed with Bullies

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When I was in school in Jackson, I don't recall any issue with bullying coming up anywhere.

Now, bullying seems rampant all across our schools.

Such was the case in our report Wednesday of a parent in Brookhaven concerned that her daughter was sent to alternative school for defending herself from a previously reported bully.

That brought lots of comments on Facebook: "This student and parent apparently did everything possible and by the book to stop the bullying. She should not have been punished for protecting herself. Something needs to be done by the school board to find out where the ball was dropped."

And this one: "I have written and delivered a parent training (manual) on school district bullying policies. All parents want is to be informed of the best way to protect their student and to ensure a quality education."

There are numerous cases of schools not being fair in the eyes of parents.

Years ago, there was no shortage of paddles and no shortage of teachers and parents who understood what they were for and what their role was.

How times have changed!

That's my Point of View.

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