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Silver Ridge subdivision has water problems

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Pearl woman called 3-on-Your-Side complaining about a ditch that won't drain and a high water bill. She lives in the Silver Ridge subdivision, just off highway 468. The ditch is at the entrance to the subdivision.

Erin Pridgen is the person who called 3-on-Your-Side. She is a lawyer who works for the state. She is also the President of the Silver Ridge Homeowners Association.

In that capacity she has a $6350 water bill sent to the association by the city of Pearl.

"It's a breeding ground for mosquitoes and snakes, and we are just tired" said Pridgen. "We have asked the city about it, the city says the developer is at fault, we asked the developer and he said it's our responsibility, so we just don't know where to go, we are frustrated, we are tired of it, and we just need some help.>

We went to the Mayor of Pearl, Brad Rogers, to see if he could help explain the standing water and provide some relief on the $6350 water bill.

"Now we are willing to sit down and talk with them about this if they will come to my office and talk with me" said Rogers. "We do help people and we'll help them."

Mayor Rogers is not sure about the standing water.

"Well Bert, we have been told that it's spring fed, natural spring fed" Rogers added. "We've looked at it from several calls, and several points of view. We have been told it was a leak, spring heads, natural drainage. We don't believe it is a water leak."

the mayor says he has proof of a leak being fixed at Silver Ridge, and he is willing to negotiate on the large water bill.

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