Personhood supporters say opponents using scare tactics - - Jackson, MS

Personhood supporters say opponents using scare tactics

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

River Oaks doctors supporting the Personhood amendment are dispelling scare tactics and rumors they say are being spread by the "pro-abortion" minority. 

Proposition 26 supporters say mis-truths by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are being sent out to hurt their position that life begins at fertilization. 

The group is trying to change the state constitution, possibly outlawing abortion.

The group says if passed, the proposition would not outlaw contraceptives, or end in-vitro fertilization.

Friday, physicians at River Oaks hospital who support the measure, held a press conference, separating fact from fiction.

Dr. Freda Bush said "It will not criminalize doctors for performing life saving measures on mother or child, it will protect the innocent baby conceived through rape or incest."

Personhood has enough signatures to get their initiative on the November ballot for vote.  Opponents have filed an injunction to get it removed.

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