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Gators are camera shy in second daytime hunt

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A second alligator hunting season on the Barnett Reservoir and along the Pearl River, north of the big lake, is now underway. Most of the hunting will be north of Highway 43 where there are thousands of alligators.

There were plenty of alligator hunters putting their boats into the water near Tommy's Trading Post shortly after noon. Most of the hunters use large deep sea rods and reels with treble hooks on them, and shotguns, for hunting. Archery and harpoon hunting are also permitted.

The hooks are thrown over the gators, snagging them so they can be pulled close to the boat to be shot.

WLBT photographer Jim Duncan rode with gator hunter Jeremy Shook of Brandon and his assistant, Cody Shows of West Point.

Mississippi Outdoors Producer and Photographer J. Harold Watley of Vicksburg was also in the boat. 

This crew failed to get a gator in daylight even though Jeremy Shook thinks they are easier to get in daylight

"It's actually easier to catch them in the daylight" said Shook. "If you get the chance, you don't have to be fumbling with flashlights and everything else. You can just see 'em, know what you are doing. Daylight always helps."

The crew spotted four alligators on a trip from Highway 43 all the way up the river to the low head dam. They tried to snag three of them and used a bow and arrow on the biggest one. They all got away.

This is the season that had to be postponed because of the storm. They will hunt until 6 AM Saturday, then start again at noon and hunt until 6 AM Sunday.

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