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Robbery foiled by good Samaritan

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A peaceful afternoon in Forest was broken Friday by the robbery of a store manager as she was about to enter a downtown bank. But a good Samaritan saved the day.

The cries of store manager Savannah Gunter echoed through the tree-lined streets. She was making a deposit at Community Bank when she was attacked.

"He just came up behind me and grabbed my arms and I just gave him the bag" said Gunter. "I was just scared."

Chris James of Forest was working nearby and heard commotion coming from across the street.

"We were out here working, me and Shane over there" said James. "We heard some people over there hollering catch him, catch him, he robbed somebody and I looked up and seen a guy running and I took off after him. He fell a couple of times and I held him down until the police got here."

Police arrested 26-year-old William Charles Shepard of Jones Street in Forest. He's been charged with strong-armed robbery.

Even though James is a hero, law enforcement officials say citizen involvement in the apprehension of a criminal is a double-edged sword.

"Use your judgement" said Forest Police Chief Will Jones. "If you feel that you can be productive in a safe manner, I would welcome that. But if you have a second thought that your safety may be in danger, it's best to take the notes that you can and relay those to the proper authorities."

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