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Nationally renowned educators teach Jackson teachers

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Dr. Harry Wong, a popular author and consultant in the field of education, made a claim Saturday that some educators might find controversial. "Most behavior problems that happen at the house and at school have nothing to do with behavior. They have to do with the teacher who lacks having a plan or procedure as to how things are to be done in the classroom," he said. "You don't approach it negatively, you approach it positively, this is what I want you to do."

He and his wife, Dr. Rosemary Wong, addressed teachers Saturday at the Jackson Convention Complex. They've written a book called The First Days of School, which has sold 3.6 million copies. They taught three simple points: how to manage the classroom, how to teach the material, and how to treat the children.

Those who attended respect the Wongs' philosophies. Many are alternate route teachers, meaning they didn't major in education.

Steve Tuttle, an alternate route teacher, teaches calculus and algebra at Murrah High School in Jackson. He read the Wongs' book. "I've already tried some of the stuff, so I can come back with questions, this I had trouble with, that I had trouble with, now I can get some answers," he says. 

Chuntil Johnson, also alternate route, teaches language arts at Whitten Middle School. "I started out working at a law office, transitioned over to teaching," she says.

She's been teaching for 7 years, but still picked up some good tips at the meeting. "Especially posting of routines every day for the students so they will automatically know what to do, and they can run the classroom themselves even when I'm not there."

The event is funded by the Transition to Teaching grant. 

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