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Kidnapping Investigation Reveals Criminal Past

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Investigators remain tight lipped about a weekend kidnapping. LaTonya King was taken from her car off I-55 early Saturday morning. Tuesday police announced she had returned home, safely, but that's all. We still don't know where LaTonya King was held for three days, or who was responsible.

WLBT News obtained court records that show she was convicted of possession of cocaine in 2003. She received 24 months probation. King was also shot at the Bird land nightclub in 2009, during an altercation, that left one dead, and three others injured.

LaTonya King is married to Sean Antonio King who has an extensive criminal record that includes drugs and violence. In 1994 he was charged with aggravated assault and in 1996 he was charged with possession of cocaine and murder. The murder victim in that case was Melvin Riddle, who was shot 11 times with a high caliber weapon.  At the time police called it a drug deal gone bad.

Court records show the murder charge was dropped, after he made a plea bargain on the assault charge. He was sentenced to two years and six months in prison, with no probation. In 1998 he was sentenced to eight years for the sale of cocaine. Then in 2002 he was convicted of possession of cocaine, a felon with a gun, and another murder. The victim of that crime was Andrew Brooks, shot outside a business on Terry road.

In 2004 Sean King was sentenced to life in prison. He appealed that murder conviction and ended up serving five years, to a lesser charge of manslaughter. Antonio King is currently on unsupervised probation. The FBI and Jackson Police cannot confirm any of the information WLBT has received as the motive for the kidnapping. Questions still remain if the criminal backgrounds of the Kings, had anything to do with her being taken. Tonight we also still don't know what happened to allow her to be released.

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