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Wednesday's Child-Lakendrick, Ladarion and Sankiya

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He could be called Inspector Gadget. At 10 Lakendrick is always looking for something to fix. Five year old Ladarion is into dinosaurs of all kinds and 4 year old Sankiya has already learned how to get her way. The children need to be adopted together and they are hoping to find their way into the hearts of a forever family on this week's Wednesday's Child.

None of the children are very talkative at least not for TV. Lakendrick likes to have fun but he also keeps an eye on his little sister, Sankiya, and brother, Ladarion.

"I like to ride bikes and read", said Lakendrick.

"Look at your brother, he's milking the cow."

This was their first visit to the Mississippi Children's Museum and they did not want to miss a thing. Lakendrick is doing well in school and says he wants to be a teacher.

"Tell me what you like in school. Math. Why do you like math? It's my best subject", Lakendrick said.

Sankiya did not want to talk. There was too much to see and do. She enjoys reading.

"Do you remember when you milked the cow? What does the cow say? Moo. Can you say moo? Nods no. Yes you can, you can say moo."

Ladarion is always on the move. He is in kindergarten in inclusion special education classes . He's a big fan of any kind of music.

"Do you like school? Yeah I like school. You like school. Tell me what you like to do in school. Play with my dinosaurs. Play with the dinosaurs", said Ladarion.

Only Lakendrick would talk about being adopted and the kind of family he would like to have.

"A family that's very nice to me and all that stuff", Lakendrick said.

The children will have to be adopted together. They will need parents who are able to take time out individually with each of them.

To learn more about adoption through the Department of Human Services, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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