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Wednesday's Child - Sankiya

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We met 3 siblings last week on Wednesday's Child. This week 4 year old Sankiya the youngest member of the family doesn't talk much, but did give us the nod on wanting a forever family.

Sankiya is doing well in all of her Pre-K classes this year. She is usually very talkative but while she was at the Mississippi Children's Museum, talking was the last thing on her mind. She wanted to explore everything.

"Choo, choo. Choo choo train", said Sankiya.

"Will you tell me your name? Nods yes. What's your name?"

Reading is one of her favorite things in school. She knows all of her letters, colors and shapes. She can also count. Her social workers say Sankiya is consistent and follows directions.

"Do you know how to get a butterfly kiss? Nods no. That's a butterfly kiss. Did you like the butterfly kiss? Nods no. Want to give your brother a butterfly kiss? Let's give your brother a butterfly kiss. Nods yes."

Sankiya is already learning to be dependable. She will run errands for her teacher. She is already dressing herself, and learning how to pout to get her way.

"Does she talk a lot? When she's at home. Does she? What does she talk about? Nothing she just talks. All the time? Lakendrick nods yes."

In addition to reading, she loves music, and dancing. Her brother Lakendrick says she does have one other hobby, terrorizing him.

"She's quiet today, why do you think she's so quiet today? I don't know. That's unusual right? She was talking this morning when we were at the house", Lakendrick said.

Sankiya and her brothers will need an adoptive home together. They are in the same foster home but they are excited to know they could have a permanent place to call home.

If you have questions about adoption, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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