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Bad Hair Day...Again

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Early dense fog advisory for the entire viewing area has had a slowing effect on traffic this morning. The dew point temperature and actual air temps have been uniform in most areas. And that's what makes for a TERRIBLY CHALLENGING hair day ( for the ladies ) and visual challenges along the main highway and side roads. Today we'll end up with warming sunshine and a high near 90 degrees; almost HOT!

A second cold front is expected to push through our area by this weekend, but without the threat of rain showers associated with it. However we are expecting much cooler weather to kick in. Mornings will start off well into the 50s and highs in the mid to upper 70s. That's actually below the norm for this time of the year. 

On a side note; the pollen count continues to be a bear to deal with. Expected the pollen to stay elevated in our area. The lack of rain over the next few days will allow the pollen problems to stay a problem.


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