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Marshall Elementary Under the Stars

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A local elementary school needs your support to help buy updated equipment and technology for its students. Thursday night Marshall Elementary school is hosting a fundraiser called "Marshall Under the Stars." Faculty and staff hope the event raises some cash to help bring their school up to star status.

 New books line shelves in the Marshall Elementary school library. However, the books aren't library books. They're actually on sale to help raise money for the school. Marshall Principal, Dr. Kathleen Grigsby says, "our goal was to raise $10,000, but we absolutely need much more than that to get what we need."

The school will host a fundraiser Thursday night called "Marshall—Under the Stars" to help raise more money. Dr. Grigsby says she wants to bring the school up to statewide star status. But that requires a boost to Marshall's library. "Updating the library, using technology, increasing the amount of books that we have, updating the furniture so they can do their research," says Dr. Grigsby.

The school library has seven computers for an average of 25 students per 30 minute class period. Now, two of the computers are new, but the other computers can take up to 8 minutes to boot-up. That means that during a class period only 10 students have an opportunity to use the P-C's.

Marshall Librarian, Mary Pitts says, "this year especially we have 28 fifth graders who really need to get started on their research so they'll be ready for middle school and high school and it's hard to do that with just two computers."

From Thursday's fundraiser, Marshall faculty hope to receive more money to buy more interactive technology. "So when they have a question about something that's going on maybe they're researching something in China they're able to communicate with those students," says Dr. Grigsby.

If Marshall can get more resources, parents are confident their students can compete globally. "It can come from right here I mean I'm not one to say that it can't come because it can if we give it to them they'll get it," says Christian Williams, Marshall's PTA secretary.

"Marshall Under the Stars" begins at 5:00 P.M. Thursday evening. The school is located at 2909 Oak Forest Drive in Jackson.

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