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Jackson motel robber is 1 for 4

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A light skinned black male, wearing a ski mask, apparently set out to rob four northeast Jackson motels overnight, but only succeeded at one of them

He first went to the Best Suites on the Frontage Road, south of Briarwood, where a locked glass door deterred him.

Then, he moved on to the Jameson Inn on Beasley Road, where he succeeded.

Next, he set his sights on the Best Western at Beasley and Frontage Road.

His fourth attempt was at the Fairfield in on the Frontage Road, where he was intercepted by a security guard.

Only the Best Suites and the Jameson Inn reported seeing the man, who escaped. We believe there is surveillance video but it has not been shared with us.

A security guard at the Fairfield Inn definitely prevented a robbery there.

Nobody at any of these places will talk on camera, but we did get talk with Precinct Four Commander Wendall Watts.

"A black male, light skinned, wearing a ski mask first approached the Best Suite there on 55 Frontage Road" said Watts. "At which time the front door of the establishment was locked. He left the scene, fleeing the scene in a black Honda Accord, type vehicle. He went over to the Jameson Inn immediately, and approached the clerk in the Jameson Inn, where he told her gimme all the money in the safe, at which she gave him an undetermined amount of money."

Watts said it is undetermined, at this time whether the man was armed.

"He told her to give up the money if you don't want to die" Watts added. "She didn't see a weapon but we are not ruling that out."

People we talked to at these motels along Beasley Road say this is a high crime area, and they are having problems with people breaking into cars in the motel parking lots.

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