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Ridgeland Titans go pink for breast cancer awareness

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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

When the Ridgeland Titans play a home game on Friday's, students are allowed to get into school spirit early by participating in a morning parade. This Friday night the Titans will play Starkville on Titan territory. So students began their Friday with a spirit filled parade. However, this parade wasn't simply filled with football fever, but the spirit of giving back.

Instead of stepping out in their blue, silver and white school colors, the Ridgeland High School cheerleaders and their peers are representing the color pink.

Hope Gilbert, a 10th grade cheerleader says, "everybody wants to get involved."

 Before class on Friday morning, the cheerleaders were filled with the spirit to give back. They decided to host the Titans morning pep rally parade in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

Tracey Watts, the Titans cheerleader coach says, "we've encouraged the kids today to come out in pink, pink flags to support it, kind of making it a class competition throughout the day, we'll be collecting money for breast cancer research."

The cheerleaders are selling two different types of ribbons Friday. They're each just a minimum of a 50 cent donation. The first type is the typical pink breast cancer awareness ribbon, and the other one is the Titans spirit ribbon. They've actually changed the Titans ribbon from gray to pink today...of course all in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

Gilbert says, "they've been asking us all night, texting us, asking us how much are, when can we buy them, so everybody's really loving it and everything."

Research indicates that one in eight women will get diagnosed with breast cancer. And Mississippi has the third highest breast cancer mortality rate in the nation.

"Everyone is affected by it you know it's a big cause and we're really hoping they'll find a cure soon," says Gilbert.

 This school year the Titans have already raised atleast $350 for breast cancer research.

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