Dorothy Gaston - - Jackson, MS

Strength in Pink Finalist

Dorothy Gaston

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"Last year this time I was told I would not be here, but look at God's grace and mercy. I am blessed!"

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Dorothy Gaston, my aunt is a FIGHTER. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2009.  She found her own lump in November 2008 and didn't pay much attention to it and waited until her annual appointment in February and was told that she had an aggressive form of breast cancer. She had her surgery on Friday February 13, 2009 and started chemotherapy immediately. Never once did she complain or ask for help. She graciously rose to the occasion and like a true CHAMPION stared Cancer in the face and beat it at its own game.

      In late 2010 her cancer returned and moved to her brain. Again she didn't accept this as a death sentence. On several occasions her doctors appeared and told us that she had 4-6 months to live and that she needed to be placed in a hospice. She underwent brain surgery to allow treatment directly onto her brain. She was bed ridden and could not walk. She decided to go home and LIVE. She took physical therapy and learned how to walk again within one month and began driving herself around. She also returned to work in early 2011.  I said all this to explain that with GOD'S help all things are possible.  She is still here and Refuses to DIE no matter what.  For this very reason I am honored and blessed to have her in my life as a constant reminder of God's love and perseverance.

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