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$2 burger at the State Fair a thing of the past

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

So much for free enterprise at the State Fair. When a food vendor lowered his prices, competitors complained of an unfair advantage.

One vendor tried something a little different. He wanted to give fairgoers a break on prices. $2 bucks for everything, hamburgers, fries, you name it.

That did not go over well with his competitors who charge $6-7 bucks for a burger. They complained of unfair advantage and the Fair Commission stepped in.

We asked State Fair Commission Director Billy Orr this question:"Did the commission make a vendor raise his prices for hamburgers, cokes from two dollars up? No. Did not make them do it. You encouraged them to do it? Oh yeah, that's what we do, encourage them."

Overnight prices skyrocketed, $5 bucks for a burger, $7 bucks for sausage at the vendors popular food booth.

Most fairgoers had the same reaction when we asked their opinion. They thought it was unfair and thought the two dollar offer was a great idea.

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