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European car show draws hundreds to Ridgeland

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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Good weather and incredible cars brought out hundreds of people. There were old cars, new cars, four-wheeled vehicles and two-wheeled vehicles.

Car lovers came for near and far to wander through the displays, take pictures and look on with amazement. They say their fascination with expensive cars is passed down from generation to generation.

"Cars that cost as much as a house, so to speak. You know two to three thousand dollars. I've always been interested in cars. My dad was a car fanatic and he was into them. I just wanted to bring my son out and take a look and see what they had today, hoping to see a Lamborghini," said car enthusiast David McLaurin.

One car buff says he has a passion for Ferraris.

"They are just fast, and expensive and they look good," said car enthusiast Rocky Mitchell.

And you don't have to be a guy to be a car enthusiast.

"I love European engineering. I think it is excellent. I love the stylings of Italian cars. Of course, you've got to live the Rolls Royces and just getting to see cars that you don't usually see around this area. I think it's pretty cool," said car enthusiast, Candace Murphree.

There were even vintage motorcycles, like this 1942 BMW, the model used by the Nazi's in the second World War. Today's show featured 24 Ferraris, but there was much, much more.

"This car show puts together cars that you're just not going to see. You're not going to see them on the road. You're not going to see them anywhere because it's such a diverse piece. You've got the high end Ferraris, you've got the Lotus, the Rolls is a huge deal, a lot of Porsches, Austin Healy, all kinds of interesting cars," added Wade Williams of Ferrari/Maserati of Atlanta.

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