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High prices at the fair

If you're not on a ride at the fair there's a good chance you're eating some good old fried fair food.

From corn dogs to pizza and funnel cakes...the food is what lures many to the fairgrounds. And many fairgoers say a day with the family at the fair isn't cheap. Harold Horton says, "we ordered about three chicken on a sticks a couple bottles of water for $28."

Horton says he's been coming to the Mississippi State Fair for about 45 years and he clearly remembers when food prices were affordable."We could get a corn on the cob for 50 cents, you could get a coke for a quarter, you have to pay two and a half for a small cup now," says Horton.

The cost of most fair food ranges anywhere from three to eight dollars. And at some places re-fills on drinks will cost two to three dollars. Now, depending on which vendor you go to fair favorites like cotton candy could cost you four dollars and larger bags could cost six dollars. Billy Orr, the Executive Director of the Mississippi Fair Commission says vendors set the costs. "We do not set the prices for food at the fair we do not get any of the money from the food at the fair," says Orr.

Virgil Walker is a cook for the Mississippi Cattle Association. He says "prices really haven't made a difference, matter of fact we did better this term than we ever have done in the past fairs."

 It seems like when folks come to the fair they already expect to pay the higher prices for food.  And folks say the fair is just a once a year thing, so they say they might as well just suck up the higher prices and enjoy the good food.

Fairgoer Ralph Smith says, "it's high, but we just bite the bullet and keep going."

Despite the higher costs, Horton plans to keep coming to the fair so that his grand kids can have a good time.

"It's for the fun of it, it's for my grand kids," says Horton.

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