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Strength in Pink Finalist

Faye Shivers

In 500 words or less, please describe why you feel you nominee deserves to be honored for the Strength in Pink Award.  If possible, please provide specific accomplishments.

It is impossible to adequately describe Faye Shivers.  To say that she is an incredible, gentle Southern lady, who brings joy into the life of everyone she meets, is an understatement.

Since she retired a few years ago, Faye has become very active in volunteer work with the Red Cross and other service groups, she is an active member of her church, keeps her own house and big beautiful yard in perfect condition.  She has children and grand children who regularly require her attention and her presence and there is no way to count the number of cakes and other treats that she makes and delivers to others as a thank you, a little happy, or just to let them know she cares.

Faye spends time with her special friends and family, she is a member of several gr4oups that meet regularly to play games such as cards or dominoes.  Even though she is such an active lady, you would never know it.  She treats everyone with such a loving respect that you feel like she has all the time in the world for you and your needs.

Whether you just need a friend to talk with or a special loving touch when you are not feeling well, or just a good joke to cheer you up when you are down, Faye is always  there for you.

When Faye shared that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, she was so calm and "matter of fact" that she did not realize how serious this could be or that she just had not accepted it yet.  But, in the months since then, Faye has endured a round of Adriamycin and Cytoxan, the loss of her hair, total fatigue, a port malfunction, a double mastectomy, drain incisions that still leak lymph fluid and the possibility of more surgery to put drains back in.  Her radiation is postponed until the draining stops, but in the mean time, she has completed a round of Taxol and continues getting Herceptin every three weeks.  Even now as Faye returns every week to have her fluid aspirated, she still checks on the staff to see how they are doing, takes them treats and certainly brightens their day with her loving spirit.

During all of this, Faye has not complained or altered her special way of treating others.  No matter her condition or what she is going through at the time, you would swear that her only concern is to make those around her happy and comfortable.  Southern hospitality at its best!  Faye is a true Southern lady!

In 100 words or less, please describe an incident involving your nominee in which something he/she did or said serves as the best illustration of who he/she is.

While the treatments and surgeries may have forced Faye to temporarily limit her community involvement, nothing has stopped her from taking care of others.  She continues to make "quillas" (quilt and pillow in one) for others who are going through difficult times.  She goes out of her way to make certain that she finds the perfect fabric for the situation and carefully makes it with love.  The recipients of these beautiful gifts are blessed with the quilla itself, but the visit from Faye to deliver it is the real blessing.


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