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Williams Funeral Services pleads case before hearing officer

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It may be several weeks before an administrative hearing officer makes a ruling on the fate of a Vicksburg funeral home. Williams Funeral Services is accused violating state law covering the sale of pre-need burial insurance policies.

The Secretary of State's Office is trying to close the funeral home down for not complying with laws covering the sale of pre need burial insurance.

Matthew Williams, Jr., did not take the stand in the hearing citing the fifth amendment against self incrimination.

His lawyer, Hal Dockins, vigorously defended him, arguing that the state's evidence against him is faulty.

He had this exchange with Gary hey good, investigator for the Secretary of State's Office.

"All of the information that you got he gave to you voluntarily didn't he" asked Dockins.

"Yes" answered investigator Gary Heygood. 

"It wasn't like he was hiding something, or sending you down a rat hole" asked Dockins. "I mean he openly let you in ,even though you didn't have a subpoena, correct."

"Correct" replied Heygood.

Williams maintains he was out sick and his employees did not follow proper procedure and committed fraud against him, for which they have been fired.

"We hope there is a reasonable decision that sets up a payment plan, with terms that can be worked out" said Dockins.

The hearing officer, attorney David Mockbee, did not say when he would rule in the case.

"I will make my findings and conclusions and present them to the Secretary of State in the way of a recommendation" said Mockbee.

The Secretary of State can either accept or reject the hearing officer's findings, or ask for more information.

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