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Summer Sun & BIG CHANGES Coming Soon..

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Clear, 82°

The abundance of clear skies for the next few days will have a double edged effect; especially when it comes to temperatures. The normal high for this time of the year is 78 degrees. And the clear skies will open the 'sunny' door to warm us up well above the norm. Expect a high of 82 degrees for today. Saturday's high will reach up to the mid 80s, and by Sunday some areas will climb to near 90 degrees!

Now the same clear skies will make for a significant drop in temps during the overnight periods. For example, tonight we'll have clear skies and light winds, setting us up for a 30+ degree drop in temps. Overnight temps will drop to the lower 50s for the next few days in a row. So as the temps climb higher and higher during the day, they drop just as fast during the overnight hours.

Our next chances of rain may hold off till Tuesday afternoon. A cold front will push through the area with a favorable chance of showers. That same cold front will significantly change our weather. MUCH COOLER weather is expected, highs only in the 60s and lows will dip into the low 40s; possibly upper 30s. So enjoy this weekend's warmer than usual weather, because the fall 'chill' is on the way!


Paul Williams

WLBT First Alert Meteorologist

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