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Walt's Look Around: Haunted Vicksburg Tour

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Just before dusk gathers, the crowd gathers for an evening stroll around the Old Courthouse in Vicksburg and then on for a few more blocks, past a few of the old homes. Old homes you discover as tour guide Morgan Gates tells as you approach each one, have a past, themselves. And sometimes that past has stayed over into the present, if you are a believer in ghosts. But it is not mandatory to be a believer to enjoy a ghost tour.

Morgan Gates: You do not. There's plenty of history involved here. We invite people who are skeptics to come along. We've convinced a few skeptics, by the way over the years.

Walt: Morgan Gates has a keen interest in history. He is a licensed tour guide at the Vicksburg National Military Park. And it is an outgrowth of his interest in history that led to him creating the Haunted Vicksburg Ghost Tours.

Morgan: Couple of years back we went to Gettysburg and took a ghost tour up there. And it sort of surprised me that ghost tours are something that happened year-round.

Walt: And Morgan figured if Gettysburg, who's entire claim to fame was a three day battle had ghosts, the Vicksburg SURELY had to have them, with all the extended attempts to take Vicksburg in the Civil War and the long siege and then the occupation and reconstruction, not to mention the years of plantations and slavery that led up to the war and everything that has happened ever since. Couple that with Morgan being born on Halloween and the historic and the hysteric have always been two of his interests.

Morgan: Mysterious things and history together are just sort of two of my loves and they just sort of blend together perfectly.

Walt: But to me, a good ghost tour has to show more than real estate. Something spooky needs to happen. And every so often, it does on the Haunted Vicksburg Tour.

Morgan: We have had people touched, we have people have hair stand up, people smell things, we have seen spooky things and gotten more photographs of odd things than you can imagine and show just a small taste of that on our Facebook page.

Walt: Miz Jo was trying to get a still picture of chimney sweeps going to roost at an old church when she got several frames with orbs in them. I don't know what orbs are, but they seem to accompany ghost hunts.

And as darkness begins to swallow the streets, we on the tour don't stray away from each other quite as much as we did while it was still daylight. And the cool of the evening sets in. Is it just night falling? Or is that coolness the spirits enveloping us? Or is it just cool to be walking the streets of Vicksburg looking for ghosts on a fall evening?

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