Guest Editorial: Eminent Domain - - Jackson, MS

Guest Editorial: Eminent Domain Reform

By Randy Knight

On November 8, the voters of Mississippi will have the opportunity to limit the power of government to use eminent domain to acquire property from one private individual and turn it over to another private individual or company for their private use.

Taking private property from one person and turning over to another person or company so they can make money with it goes against everything this country was founded upon. How can anyone believe that it's OK to take private property from someone who doesn't want to sell it? It is hard enough to lose your home or land for a road or school, but it is heart breaking to lose it for someone else's gain.

Opponents of this initiative say that this is a solution without a problem. I say they are very short-sighted.

Farm Bureau's stance has always been that true economic development starts with a willing buyer and a willing seller. It can and does occur without the use of eminent domain. Mississippi is one of only seven states that has not passed some kind of eminent domain reform.

Protect your property rights! Vote YES on Initiative 31!

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