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Achieving economic security in Mississippi

It's certainly been a tough few years for some Mississippians. A new report indicates the level of poverty in this state last year stood at 22.4%. Those struggling to make ends meet face extreme economic vulnerability, according to the report.

Going a step further, it shows just how much it takes in salaries to build economic security. For instance, one worker needs $26,600 per year to provide for basic needs, retirement emergences or a big medical bill if they get sick. If that worker has a school age child, they need to earn $35,000 a year.

For a family of four, the parents need to pull in over $53,000 just to establish basic economic security and to replace low skill and low paying jobs with better opportunities. The report also listed recommendations to move families up. By identifying jobs that are and will be in demand that pay good wages. By expanding child care and transportation support for working adults so they can get job training at community colleges. Also, by promoting programs that enhance access to capital for minority owned business and businesses in rural Mississippi.


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