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Deputies remove pit bulls

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Rankin County family claims sheriff's deputies cut through their  fence to remove their pit bulls, animals they said are friendly pets.

But according to law officers, they received complaints that the family was violating the county's seven year old pit bull ordinance.

Jeff Green told WLBT that Rankin County Deputies entered the fence he constructed in his front yard to house his pit bulls and removed them before allowing him a chance to fully comply with county ordinances.

The Greens moved to McLin Circle from Forth Worth Texas six months ago and said their five year old male Big Boy and eight month old female Karma were removed twice by animal control officers who only left behind cards.

"After I paid to get my dogs back he told me I had 14 days to file an ordinance agreement. He came back in nine days and cut my fence right here and took my dogs back out," said Green.

The new Rankin County resident said he purchased a six foot fence, poured cement, and enclosed the animals.

The 32 year old said the dogs are not vicious and belong to his children who play with them daily.

His wife Veronica is upset at losing the family pets and the $2,800.00 she said they paid for Big Boy.

"He said since Big Boy is grown that he was going to take him and put him to sleep because he can't be retrained. The girl dog he said he was going to neuter her and sell her," said Veronica Green.

The 27 year old wife and mother of two girls said the animals were first taken on October third when deputies broke a concrete post and cut the chains to remove them from their property.

"The officer didn't cut the fence. He just rolled the fence back," said Rankin County Sheriff Ronnie Pennington.

The Sheriff said his department received a first complaint that one of the pit bulls was loose and roaming the area.

He said deputies found that the animals appeared to be neglected and were taken into custody.

"We explained to the ordinance to them and everything and all and Miss Green said 'Well look it would be best if we just get the dogs and we'll take them out of the county," said Sheriff Pennington.

The sheriff said when the dogs were returned a second complaint stated that the animals were in the front yard in an enclosure that did not meet specifications.

"They have to get a variance through the county to house that dog in Rankin county, the pit," added Pennington.

Rankin County requires that you have insurance for pit bulls.

They also must be enclosed in a minimum six foot high heavy duty cyclone fence with a concrete foundation and top covering to prevent the animal from escaping.

"My dogs were confiscated with no warrant, no affidavit. My dog hasn't bitten anybody. My dog was in a cage," added Green.

The Sheriff said the pit bulls have not been euthanized and now the Greens will have to answer to the citations they were issued in Rankin County Court.

Authorities said the Rankin County Pit Bull Ordinance was established in March of 2004.

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