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Wednesday's Child-Lakendrick

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He is into sports, especially basketball, he also enjoys reading. 10 year old Lakendrick is doing well in school, is handy around the house, and hoping for a permanent place to call home in this week's Wednesday's Child.

Home for Lakendrick means having his own parents and being with his younger siblings, Ladarion and Sankiya. He says they look up to him and most of the time they follow his instructions.

"When they do something wrong, I tell them to stop and then they'll stop. So they listen to you? Nods yes."

Lakendrick has been on the principals list for the past three years beginning in second grade. He is excited about learning, he is focused and attentive. He wants to be a math teacher.

"Why do you like math? It's my best subject", Lakendrick said.

He enjoys solving problems. His social worker says he can fix just about anything. He also taught Ladarion and Sankiya how to ride their bikes.

"Tell me about your little brother, tell me some things about him, what does he like? He likes to play with his dinosaurs and play outside. Do you guys play together a lot? Yes mam", said Lakendrick.

Lakendrick says he wants to be adopted but only with his siblings.

"How would you feel about that? Excited. Excited, tell me what kind of a family you'd like to have. A family that is very nice to me and all that stuff. That's nice to you in what way? Take care of you? Yes mam. Makes sure you have what you need? Yes mam. And lots and lots of love. Do you still give hugs or are you too big for hugs? I still give hugs. You still give hugs, good."

Lakendrick, Ladarion and Sankiya will need an active family who will take time with each of them individually. They are hoping they won't have to wait much longer before they can pack their bags and move for the last time.

To learn more about the children waiting to be adopted, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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