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Guest Editorial: Eminent Domain Reform

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By Ross Tucker

The Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership and Alliance oppose the ballot issue on Eminent domain. In our opinion, the current law does not need to be amended. In the past, our state has seldom used eminent domain, and when it did, it was always done with great care and only for major economic impact opportunities.   

Eminent domain is an essential tool to economic development. Past efforts to bring jobs to Mississippi such as Toyota and Nissan would have never happened without our "right to work" status or eminent domain process. In this highly competitive arena, this tool is essential for Mississippi's future success. While it has been used only a few times, the sheer fact of having it available has helped create thousands of jobs. 

Under the current law, private property rights are fairly protected. At least five public entities, including Mississippi House of Representatives, Senate and the Governor must approve each case where eminent domain is proposed for economic development.

Protection for individuals already exists. Voting yes on this proposal is a detriment to Mississippi when attempting to bring quality jobs to our state.

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