Discounted spay/neuter for your dogs and cats - - Jackson, MS

Discounted spay/neuter for your dogs and cats

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There is an easy way to save animals from euthanization and save yourself some money. Puppies and cats waiting on homes fill the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. Thursday,  the Big Fix Clinic in Pearl used the location to promote spaying and neutering with crime fighting mascot McGruff and the National Feral Cat month mascot McFluff.

The concept is to bring attention to the plight of stray dogs and cats living in the metro area. Each day some 200 animals have to be put down in Mississippi because there aren't enough homes. To cut down on the numbers, Mississippi Spay and Neuter performs low- cost surgeries.

Elaine Adair, the President of MS SPAN and director of the Big Fix Clinic said Thursday, "I think that people don't think they can afford that. We at the clinic have some great prices. Cats are running a special $20-$25 for stray and feral cats and we also have a great Bob Barker grant, if you have a dog over 40 pounds we are able to do it for zero cost if you can't afford it."

The Big Fix Clinic in Pearl offers discounted spay/neuter services for Jackson residents as well as those who live within 90 miles.

For more information call 601-420-2438 or 866-901-7729, or visit the clinic's website.  The Big Fix Clinic is located at 100 Business Center Parkway in Pearl.

For 10 lucky pet owners who want a chance at winning 10 spay and neuter certificates ranging from $50 to $95 check out their Facebook page.

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