School fellowship luncheon over public education - - Jackson, MS

School fellowship luncheon over public education

HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Community leaders in Hinds County met Sunday afternoon to discuss ways of improving schools and keeping students from dropping out.

Dozens of people attended the school fellowship luncheon in Byram.

The event featured dialogue on core subject standards for math, English and language arts. Parents, teachers and church leaders discussed ways to keep students in the public educational system and not drop out.

Dr. Stephen Handley, the superintendent of the Hinds County School System said, "today we are talking about common course skills, which is an initiative with our state that is coming over the next 3 or 4 years, we are talking a little about dropout prevention. We do various things at various meetings. We have these about three or four times a year."

"A lot of times at the legislature; particularly, all you hear about is money, and money is important. But the most important thing to determine if the school is successful or not is the parents and business leaders and the church leaders and the people in the community insist that the school is successful and doing well," said State District 29 Senator David Blount who was also the keynote speaker.

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