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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Jackson targets 66 eyesores

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Relief is on the way for several Jackson neighborhoods plagued with eyesores. The city of Jackson has given thumbs up to clean up 66 blighted properties around the Capital City.

Fourteen of the properties on the city of Jackson's case list are burned out structures like Building B of the abandoned apartment complex on 1550 Capitol Street. If you live near it, you know it has looked bad for several years.

Kenneth Taylor, deputy director of Jackson office of code services said, "This is the first of many to come. We've identified well over a hundred structures that will be demo 'd by this time next year. We're gonna come on in. We're gonna focus on these and we're gonna go ahead and clear them out. They've been there entirely too long."

Taylor said lengthy delays in clearing blighted properties can be caused by changes of ownership, but he said city officials aren't giving up. All owners on this list have been notified and they will be billed for the cost of clean up.

Taylor said, "That's the focus of this administration. We're gonna clean this city up. We're gonna make it a place where everybody will feel glad to call home. Taking back the neighborhood."

Help, said Taylor, is just a phone call away.

He said, "Anybody has any problems within the neighborhood, whether it's grass and weeds, junk vehicle or whatever it may be, call the city of Jackson, 960-1054."

You can also dial 311, the mayor's action line. Lewis promises code enforcement officers and community improvement will get something done. Let us help you take back your neighborhood.  Just send an email to hballou@wlbt.com or contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

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