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Guest Editorial: Voter ID, Proposition 27

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By Sen. Chris McDaniel, (R) Ellisville

Recently, after citing numerous examples of abuse, a bipartisan federal commission recognized the reality of voter fraud in the elections process.

It recommended that people show identification to vote, since safeguards must exist to detect fraud by confirming a voter's identity.

A single fraudulent vote diminishes the value of all others cast, and it happens far too often.

But the routine act of simply producing photo identification would reduce deception.

Mississippians already show photo ID to cash a check, board a plane, or even apply for food stamps, not to mention other activities.

And none of these things are as important as when we exercise our right to vote.

Studies have shown that voter ID will not suppress voter turnout.

To the contrary, it inspires faith in the integrity of elections and encourages participation.

Thirty states already require some form of ID to vote, and voters in nearly 100 democracies around the world use photo ID without fear of infringement on their rights.

Your vote matters, and that's why we need voter ID.

On November 8, make a difference by voting "Yes" on Proposition 27.

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