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Halloween costume safety

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Halloween is a day that can be filled with lots of fun and treats for children. But many kids get caught in the line of danger when going after those Halloween goodies. WLBT explains what you can do now to make sure your little ghosts and goblins have fun, but most importantly stay safe.

October 31St is Halloween. It's a day when make-believe ghosts and goblins come to life and when being frightened is fun. But in the midst of all the imaginary thrills, Halloween can truly be scary, especially for your most precious loved ones'.

Jim Pollard, the spokesman from AMR Paramedics says, "I've seen one study that says Halloween is the worst night of the year for kids getting hit by cars, makes sense, kids running around, kids are excited, a lot more kids on the street."

Pollard says there are some simple solutions to keeping the little ones' safe. "One of the key things is finish your trick-or-treating before dark and make sure if at all possible to have one adult per child."

When it comes to the costumes Pollard says, "make sure the kids can see and be seen." One of the best ways to see is to make sure costumes don't include masks. Pollard says make-up is a better alternative. "With the masks typically you have trouble even breathing through it, let alone seeing through it."

 Another couple of important tips to keep in mind when you're going trick-or-treating is to stay away from wobbly hats because they can cover your eyes and cause a major distraction. Also, you don't want to wear a dark or camouflaged outfit because it's difficult for drivers to see you when you're out on the street. So, a very simple and effective option is to get a reflective vest or some reflective tape. It just takes about a second to put it on and then you're all lit up.

 One other tip, children should try to keep their hands free, with one exception. "If you're going to put anything at all in your child's hands make it a flashlight, a brightly colored flashlight is even better."


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