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Cable Barriers Preventing Collisions

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Recently an 18-Wheeler tanker slid into the median on I-55 in Byram.  It would have been a tragic accident, if the pre installed cable barriers had not held the tanker from colliding with oncoming cars. 

MDOT Engineer Wes Dean says, "Over the last four years we've installed 200 miles on the interstate system.  It's a recognized benefit to add this.   On 220 since we installed in 2007 we had literally dozens of hits but no cross the median fatalities."

When the barriers have been placed in areas with a history of median related vehicle crashes, state officials say they've seen a drastic reduction in collisions.  

The cables actually cost 100-thousand dollars a mile which is less than concrete barriers.   They work like an elastic band, absorbing the impact, while preventing cars from entering the lanes of oncoming traffic. State officials say they have about 60 miles to install in the coming years.

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