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Guest Editorial: Personhood Amendment, Initiative 26

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By Dr. Joanna Storey, Pediatrician

Several years ago, a close family member of mine suffered a life-threatening illness during a much-desired pregnancy.

She and her husband consulted her doctors and made the agonizing decision to end her pregnancy in order to save her life.

At this tragic time, she needed the love and support of her family and the sound advice of experienced medical professionals.

She did not need legislators, lawyers, and judges to tell her what to do.

I believe that most people who support Initiative 26 do so out of deep respect for human life and as a mother of five, a pediatrician, and a Christian, I honor and share that respect.

However, if passed, Initiative 26 will represent the worst type of government intrusion into health care.

Doctors who treat patients like my family member will fear criminal prosecution; 26 will threaten the availability of many forms of birth control; and it will jeopardize care of infertile couples desperate to have a baby.

For these reasons, I ask you to join with me, the members of our State Medical and Nurses Associations and many Mississippi clergy in voting NO on Initiative 26 on November 8th.

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