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Why working lunches make you sick

During a hectic day on the job, do you lunch over spreadsheets or munch while emailing? You're not alone – eating at your work space has become a habit for many. But despite its convenience, desktop dining may be not be in your best interest.

These days, Americans are bringing a whole new meaning to "working lunch." According to the American Dietetic Association, more than 80 percent of us consume meals or snacks while glued to our office chairs. Most workers cite a need to be economical – in more ways than one.

A lot of people are eating at their desks these days because they want to save time. They want to be more productive during the day at work, so they decide to multi-task and eat while doing their work. A lot of people are also trying to save money. But while your boss and your wallet might thank you, you may be doing a disservice to yourself.

One study found that our desks can carry 400 times more dangerous bacteria than the average public toilet seat. Desktops, phones, computer keyboards and mice are germ magnets because people touch, cough and sneeze on them so often. 

This beau coup of bacteria can pose a serious health risk. But following simple office hygiene can reduce your exposure to infection. Try keeping some sanitizer wipes in your drawer or some anti-bacterial spray in your drawer and least wipe it down a few days a week. And wash your hands before and after you eat to limit the transfer of microbes.

Practicing these simple, preventative tips will help keep you stationed at your desk and not sick in bed.

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