Final showing of candidates before general election - - Jackson, MS

Final showing of candidates before general election

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

As the clock ticks down to election day candidates for two of the state's top jobs were given ten minutes to appeal to voters.

Hundreds packed inside a tent in Jackson to hear from the two men vying to move in to the governor's mansion and lead the state for the next four years and the campaigns aren't slowing down.

"We're going to be all over the state of Mississippi," said Republican candidate and current Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant.

"Everybody tells me we're the underdog, so if we're the underdog we got to act like it," said Democratic candidate and current Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree.

Although they come from opposing parties, both share many of the same views in moving the state forward in terms of education and jobs.

DuPree, however, says his background in business and government give him a different perspective on how to accomplish what's needed.

"We may have the same views but how does that affect people down on the ground," Dupree said. "That, I think determines really your actions, what are you going to do."

Meanwhile, Bryant says his years in state office is what will bring the advantage.

"It is about the future and about getting jobs in the state of Mississippi," Bryant said. "That's been the centerpiece of this campaign and that's what we're going to continue to talk about."

Both candidates have stayed away from attacking each other, but it's a different story in the race for attorney general with incumbent, Democrat Jim Hood and his challenger, Republican Steve Simpson.

Attack ads are on television and Simpson is publicly slamming Hood for not agreeing to a debate and or joining the fight in 'Obamacare.'

"You're going to be standing right where I'm standing Jim," Simpson said as he addressed the crowd. "I know you're hear. Tell these people."

What Hood says he's running on his record.

"We've gone so much in the areas of domestic violence, cyber crime, protecting our children, protecting our elderly and those are the issues I came here to talk about today, not about someone else, but to talk about what we've done and what we want to continue to do," Hood said.

With Hood being the only elected statewide Democrat, Simpson says it's time for change, accusing Hood of being merely a political chess piece.

"We're still hoping our opponent will speak publicly about the real issue instead of running this cartoonish attack ads against me and my family but I'm not very hopeful that'll happen," Simpson said.

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