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Wednesday's Child - Annie and Briana

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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They would like to say they are inseparable but in reality they have been separated much of their lives.

15 year old Briana, and 17 year old Annie have spent 13 years in foster care waiting for a forever family.

They hope the wait ends on this week's Wednesday's Child.

This is the first time Annie and Briana have been to a spa.

They were ready to be treated like royalty at Pampered Princess in Ridgeland.

This is also the first time they will have a professional pedicure.

"I'm bold, I'm a respectful person. I care about others feelings as well as my own, and I'm bright," Annie said.

"I would describe myself as spontaneous because the things I do you wouldn't expect it out of a person like me and its indescribable sometimes," Briana said.

Annie admits it is difficult growing up away from her sister.

She says she tries to hide just how painful it is.

"I was wondering if I was going to go stay with my mom again and somebody told me yeah, I would go stay with my mom again, but it never happened and so that was a disappointment to me," Annie said. "I was like the person, I was their mama cause my mama wasn't mama and stuff like that so I was always, I'm the oldest girl so I was mama to them."

Briana says she has found different ways to cope with being without her sister.

"I like writing so I could like write a whole page easily just for fun," Briana said. "Right now I'm actually writing about my life story."

Briana says it is especially difficult because she has been in so many different foster homes.

"I want to be adopted because I want to have stability in my life, like I'm not a bad child, I actually am a good one but like once I go to all these foster homes and I'm not getting what I expect I'll act out and eventually I'll get moved, but I want stability the most," Briana said. "I want love, I want unconditional love."

The greatest wish Annie has is to be in the same school with her sister for her senior year.

Briana says it would be great to share their lives in the same home at least one more time.

To learn more about adoption through the Department of Human Services, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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