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Dangerous Drivers

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

According to a recent study, Kansas, Iowa and Colorado top the list of states with the best drivers. You may notice Mississippi was not mentioned. Our state is ranked near the bottom, which is why you should have your guard up while on the road.

They are on every street, highway, and at every intersection in Mississippi, and there's probably a good chance you passed one during your daily commute. Bad drivers come in all forms, the behind the wheel beautician, the guy who's programming his GPS at 40 miles per hour, and the oh so dangerous texter. Distracted drivers everywhere you turn.

Defensive Driving Instructor Kay Brodbeck said, "If you're on a cell phone and driving or trying to drive you're probably not doing as well as you know how to drive you're four times more likely to be in a crash."

Just how bad are Mississippi drivers?  According to a recent study by GMAC Insurance which tested drivers across the country, Mississippi ranked 46th out of 51 states.

Brodbeck trains drivers on the rules of the road, and she says many drivers out there have forgotten the basics.  "There's a lot of crashes because people follow too closely.  Mississippi has a high traffic death rate and that is related to speeding," said Brodbeck.

If you see a bad driver, driving instructors say it's okay to let them know, they're putting you at risk.  Driving Instructor Joe Cummings said, "The best thing you can do is defend yourself and try to get out of their way or maybe catch their attention and say hey put down that device don't you know you're swerving all over the road."

Driving instructors say it's every drivers obligation to help prevent collisions. Keeping your attention on the road is the first step to avoiding a crash that could injure you, your passengers or another driver.

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