Gas wars - - Jackson, MS

Gas wars

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Things are getting a little crazy in northeast Jackson ever since some gas stations lowered prices at the pump. A mini gas war of sorts is attracting vehicles by the droves.

Motorists could barely maneuver at this Exxon station at the corner of Northside Drive and Interstate 55 north. Every driver patiently waited in line, for the same thing. Regular gasoline for $3.05 cents a gallon.

We talked to several folks taking advantage of the cheaper prices at the pump. "And the price is wow. $3.05. Well yeah. Wow! It could still come down about another $3.00 as far as I'm concerned. How much do you think you'll save? Probably enough to buy lunch. Yes. $3.05's not bad in south Jackson I paid $3.13. You think some gas war is going on? No I think it's just time to give back what we've been giving."

The Fast Lane right across the street offered the same bargain prices. But some savvy drivers pulled into the Shell. Even though gas was advertised for $3.13, eight cents more, consumers could use their Kroger cards and beat the competition with 10 cents off. Filling up at $3.03 per gallon.

But the best bet was the Kroger gas station, on the I-55 north frontage road where some lucky customers could fill up for $2.05. That's up to one dollar off with their Kroger card.

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