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Barbour sets record straight on Initiative 26

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Last night, several people received an automated phone call, using Governor Haley Barbour's interview on MSNBC expressing concerns over initiative 26. Now, the governor wants to make sure Mississippians know his position on the personhood amendment.

In a statement released today, the governor says "A pro-abortion group has called people's homes and deceived voters into thinking I'm opposed to initiative 26, the personhood amendment. As I've previously stated, I voted for the personhood amendment. These misleading calls were made without my knowledge, without my permission and against my wishes."

"If you had asked me when it was first proposed, I would have said: a) the legislature would have passed it 100-to-1 and B) I believe life begins at conception and therefore I would be for it" Barbour said on MSNBC Wednesday. "I am concerned about some of the ramifications on in-vitro fertilization and ectopic pregnancies where pregnancies outside the uterus and the fallopian tubes. That concerns me. I have to just say it."

The group that issued the calls responded by saying: "Gov. Barbour's concerns, voiced earlier this week on national television, echo those of doctors, nurses, clergy, parents and many pro-life Mississippians who are opposed to initiative 26."

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