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How will justice balance in Lutrick case?

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RICHLAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Ten-year-old Allen Lutrick was run down as he crossed Cleary Road to get on his school bus.

A cross a balloons mark the tragic spot in front of the family home. As terrible as the situation is, the child's primary care-giver, grandmother Elise Lutrick, asks for compassion toward the elderly man.

"When this first happened, I was frankly hoping we would find out that it was someone that I could justify being angry at and when the detective came to me and said this is the circumstance, you know, everything in me just crumbled. I can't be mad," Lutrick said. 

Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest says the family's feelings should be considered by the grand jury.

"I would like to seek their input as this case will eventually go forward to a grand jury. I believe a grand jury wants to know the wishes and the desires of the family in this case," Guest said.

Guest says he routinely deals with the challenge of balancing mercy with justice, but this case presents a particularly difficult dilemma.

"What makes this case so difficult is the fact that we do have a 10-year-old child who died because of the acts of the defendant. But again, we also have to take into consideration, us being law enforcement and ultimately the grand jury, all of the situations surrounding the defendant's life and what was going on with him a the time of this tragic accident," Guest added.

Richland Police investigators should be wrapping up their work this week and presenting the case file to the district attorney's office.

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