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Contractor fails to complete small job

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A local chiropractor fed up with a contractor who never returned to finish a small job calls 3 On Your Side for help.

Two windows at this north Jackson office were accidentally broken out in August. Dr. Leo Huddleston told us Williams Builders in Vicksburg was recommended to make repairs on a large plate glass window.

The frame was removed, and rebuilt. According to Huddleston, Tony Williams had been paid in full. But caulk was left smeared on the walls. The window frame was never painted. That was 3 months ago and despite repeated calls by his assistant, no response.

"We just got tired of the assistant trying to contact him and him saying he was going to come out that every day and that didn't happen," said Huddleston. "And he was going to come out some other time, that didn't happen. So it just got frustrating. So the only alternative we knew was to call and get some help."

Huddleston said it became a matter of principle. So, WLBT called Williams Builders to find out why they had not completed the small project. After first telling us a number of reasons why he couldn't get back to Jackson, Mr. Williams committed to completing the job within 24 hours. We will keep you posted.

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