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Poll: Vote on Personhood will be close

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

One of the more interesting elements of this year's political season is the battle over the so-called Personhood Amendment. A new poll out Monday indicates support for the initiative is declining. 

Research conducted by Public Policy Polling shows the support and opposition is now very tight with a large segment undecided. The survey shows a decline of support by nearly 20 points and the match is neck-and-neck. 

The yes vote is 45 percent, the no vote is 44 percent and 11 percent of voters are undecided. We had the opportunity to visit Monday afternoon with former Mississippi Supreme Court Chief Justice Ed Pittman.  He says it's the first time he's taken a public stand on an issue in six years. 

Pittman began public service in 1964 as a state senator. He also served as State Treasurer, Secretary of State and Attorney General before being appointed to the Supreme Court in 1989.  

Justice Pittman says the issues should take another path other than as a constitutional amendment to become law. 

"We've made it into a political issue and it ought not be a political issue. If you had it before the legislature, you could have all sides advising the legislature on how to draft this legislation," said Pittman. "I don't know who drafted this but there's language in there that makes all of us, practically all of us, uncomfortable." 

So we went the street to find out what tri-county voters think.

 "My opinion on the Personhood Amendment is that it's not the right bill to get rid of abortion." 

"I just believe the Bible says that that's God's right to choose and not man's right." 

It's not a perfectly worded statement but I'm still going to vote for it."

"It's an individual's choice, however, I think that as most people say it's a little over broad and I think it will have too many unattended consequences to vote yes, so I will vote no."

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