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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Bellegrove maintenance issue

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Who's responsible for maintaining property beyond fence lines in a Rankin County subdivision?That's the question a Brandon woman wants answered. Alana Donovan lives on 16 Brandy Court South. She called 3 On Your Side about the problems untrimmed trees and shrubs are causing her.

Donovan said her property is being threatened by an intruder...the leafy kind.

She said, "Poison Ivy; the limbs coming over; they're almost to my roof. If there's ice coming anytime soon, I'm gonna have roof damage."

Donovan said it's coming from an area behind her fence that no one seems to claim.

She said, "I've spoken to Wood Brown for about 6 weeks now and he can't seem to give me a good answer. He suggested I speak with John Sullivan who, instead of giving me an answer on who owned the property, he suggested our two neighborhoods hire an attorney and start a homeowners association to be able to contract it out, so I still don't know who owns it."

Donovan showed me this letter from Rankin County Tax Assessor John Sullivan stating his research showed the maintenance of the ditch behind the fencing is the responsibility of the property owners because the areas are easements that are part of each homeowner's lot.

Donovan said, "I would love for the county or whoever's responsible for that area to clean up the trees, to keep them from doing any more damage to our homes. I understand I am responsible for repairs on my fence line, but they're gonna continue to damage it unless somebody trims it or removes it or takes care of that mess."

I received a call from Rankin County Supervisor Wood Brown Monday evening. He told me he was not able to confirm whether the area is county or private property, but he says it will be checked and a decision will be made.

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