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Governor-elect Phil Bryant announces agenda items

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Governor-elect Phil Bryant is preparing for his transition into office.

Former Mississippi G.O.P. Chairman Jim Herring will lead the transition team. The announcement was made at the state capitol Wednesday afternoon.

Governor Bryant also thanked his opponent, Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree, for his professionalism during the race. Bryant clinched 61% of the vote Tuesday, to Democrat DuPree's 39%.

He says the Senate maintained its Republican majority, and the G.O.P. is claiming victory in the House as well.

"There appears to be a possibility of a Republican speaker and majority in the Senate. We will do our very best to work with Republicans and Democrats to make sure the Smart Budget Act is passed," said the Governor-elect.

The "Smart Budget Act" would dictate budgets for state agencies according to how well they meet their goals. Governor-elect Bryant also wants to introduce "Learn to Earn" legislation, which would allow for dual enrollment in high schools and community colleges, and a regulatory review committee to improve business laws.

"If there are regulations that are in state government that we might be able to modify, that would encourage the growth portion of small businesses in Mississippi, we want to do that," he said. 

Bryant also responded to questions about his comment this week during a rally in Tupelo. He stated that if The Personhood Amendment doesn't pass, "Satan wins."

"I just hated to see some of the tactics that were being used. Not only in that campaign, when any political issue is in front of the people, all I ask is that the truth be told," he said.

Governor-elect Bryant will continue on as Lieutenant Governor until the transition takes place. On Monday, the joint legislative budget committee will meet. Bryant says the state will need to maintain a portion of the rainy day fund. "We have somewhere around $100 million in that rainy day fund just now," he said. "I'm gonna recommend to next year's legislature that we maintain a portion of that, so we might have it for 2014."

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