Fisherman's body recovered from Barnett Reservoir - - Jackson, MS

Fisherman's body recovered from Barnett Reservoir

RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

First responders representing several area agencies searched an Oxbow Lake off the Pearl River known as Black Lake, which is about two miles north of Highway 43.

The fisherman and his wife sought refuge in the lake from high winds that blew across the water making it difficult to fish.

This is exclusive video of the recovery of the body of 50-year-old Christopher Scott Ingraham.

Search teams used sophisticated sonar equipment and located his body about 10:20 Sunday morning.

Ingraham's body was turned over to officials from the Madison county coroner's office for further investigation.

Officials say Ingraham could not swim and was not wearing a personal flotation device.

"But by law now, Mr. Ingraham is not required to wear a pfd, is required to have one accessible, close to him but not required to wear one. A stump or an object under the water was hit by the boat, Mr. Ingraham fell of the side of the boat and drowned," said Lt. Randy Newell, MS Dept. of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

the wife of the victim was able to direct search teams to an approximate location of where the accident happened.

"And actually got a better reference point of where this accident occurred. We were able then, agencies were able to use side sonar. We located an image under the water. What we thought to be Mr. Ingraham's body and divers recovered Mr. Ingraham's body at approximately 10:20 this morning," added Lt. Newell.

Officials say the situation is bad but the recovery efforts could have taken much longer.

"I've seen these incident, as tragic as they may be, can go on for weeks or two. We were very fortunate to recover Mr. Ingraham today and bring the first stage of closure to this Ingraham family," Lt. Newell said.

Officials say the preliminary ruling in the case is accidental drowning.

Wildlife officials strongly urge all boaters, especially those who can't swim or are weak swimmers, to wear flotation devices.

"That life jacket will save your life. It floats, you don't. So anybody that is going to be boating out there on the water, please, please wear a personal flotation device," Lt. Newell added.

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