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Jackson Police report overall decrease in crime

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There's some good news Monday regarding crime in Jackson.

Police report an overall reduction of more than 4 percent since January 1.

Even though crime is on a downward trend in most categories, a Jackson man who operates a charitable organization says his business has been burglarized four times in the past two years.

He says more should be done.

Genesis and Light Youth Center on North State Street is run by Albert Wilson.

He says he is discouraged by the attitude of Jackson Police officers.

Wilson says he's talked to several Jackson business owners who feel the same way.

Wilson says investigators should be more thorough.

"Because I've had officers tell me, well your stuff is not going to be found," Wilson said. "You know, they've already said that before any type of investigation has been done and the crime is only a few minutes old. You know, give us some hope that something is taking place when it comes to property crime."

"We treat citizens like customers," said Assistant Police Chief Lee Vance, Jackson Police Dept. "We expect the officers to present themselves in a professional manner and if this citizen or any citizen is not satisfied with the quality of police service that they get, then they need to contact a supervisor."

Wilson says he has heard from other business people that they don't see enough police officers.

"We just need more police visibility," Wilson said. "That's what's the biggest thing they need. Police to be visible, be around. Once upon a time, there were horses riding around Jackson, police on bicycles. Visibility is the best deterrent to crime."

"We're adding extra 60 of 70 officers to our department this year, this fiscal year and we hope to have or we will have increased visibility and we are working to do everything we can to make people feel safe when they are traveling and doing business in Jackson and we think the primary way to do that is to have high visibility and that's what we're working towards," Vance said.

Chief Vance says they expect 34 new officers in December and additional police cadet classes are scheduled to begin in mid-January and in the spring.

When those cadets graduate, the Jackson Police force will grow to about 500 officers.

Regarding business burglary, police statistics WLBT received Monday, show a decrease by more than 33 percent since January 1.

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