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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods - Burned out on Milton Street

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The house next door is a burned out shell.

It's also a magnet for everything bad.

This house is located on 2826 Milton Drive in south Jackson and the family living next door called 3 On Your Side to help get something done about it.

It was the subject of Monday's Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report.

Mary and Morris Martin moved their family of 22 from the 9th Ward of New Orleans to south Jackson after Hurricane Katrina.

That was six years ago.

Now, it's not a storm that's making life miserable, it's the abandoned house next door. 

"And it's been burned 3 times," Mary Martin said. "We have a lot of vagrants that goes in and out."

Not to mention the snakes and rats.

With 13 grandchildren, that's a disaster waiting to happen.  

"You don't know who gonna grab one of these little kids and just go off with them, might do anything and that's the reason why we trying to clean up this little spot," Morris Martin said. "We got one spot cleaned; trying to get this spot cleaned."

"And I'm asking for some help to get this abandoned house torn down, the lot and everything," Mary Martin said. "I'm like, you know, I see a segment on t-v where they say taking back our neighborhood and, you know, to restore it back like it should."

Asked if she had called the Mayor's Action Line or the City of Jackson's community improvement division.

"Yes, I did," Mary Martin said. "I called and they told me it was on a list to be torn down but they never came out to tear it down or anything like that. The fire marshals had did their report on, you know, the abandoned house being burned down several times." 

In fact, Quita Bride, City of Jackson Public Information Officer, confirms the house has a history of complaints dating back to 2003 before the Martins arrived.

City officials responded to complaints about abandoned vehicles in 2003 and 2005.

In 2008, the house was boarded up and the grass cut.

In 2010, the grass was cut again and demolition proceedings put on hold as officials transitioned into the new system of environmental court.

Martin says she has talked to community improvement manager Claude Smith, who assured her the abandoned house is on the to-do list.  

"But I'm asking Mr. Smith today, can he make this top priority on his list to get this abandoned house torn down," Mary Martin said.

Bride said 2826 Milton Drive is a pending demolition case.

She told me the next step is environmental review and once approved it goes to the city council.

Bride said burned structures are the city's priority.  

Let us help you take back your neighborhood.

Just send an email to hballou@wlbt.com.

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