Showers/Storms Are About To Hit - - Jackson, MS

Showers/Storms Are About To Hit

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Early morning fog and sprinkles throughout the state is just a light introduction for what we are likely to see this evening; scattered showers. A fast moving cold front will spark a few showers in the afternoon hours, this is particularly true for north and northwest Mississippi. Central and south Mississippi is expected to get a better share of that same storms system by tonight.

Tonight's chances of rain will reach to the 70-90% chance, and gusty winds from the south at 10-25 mph. Since the front is picking up momentum, the likelihood of severe storms is increasing. Moist and warm air is already in place - which serves as 'meteorological food' to strengthen a fast moving storm pushed by a cold front.

Tomorrow we are looking at a good chance of showers at least in the early morning hours. Temps will still be in the mid 70s, so there's plenty of energy leftover to keep the rain going. That same front will bring a dose of 'chilly' air by the end of the work week. Thursday morning we'll start off in the 40s. Friday morning we'll start off in the 30s.

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