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Freezing Temps Follow By Muggy Heat???

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Mainly clear skies for this morning has helped to 'bring in the cold' for today and will open the door for FREEZING COLD temps by tomorrow. Mild conditions will at least 'look' warm for today, but temps will still be lower than norm for this time of the year. Mostly sunny, with a high of 60 degrees; normal high is 68 degrees. And the winds from the north will not help it feel any better; if anything make it feel colder, to wear the sleeves today AND tomorrow.

Tonight we have a short term date with old man winter - not in terms of snow/sleet/freezing rain, but fast dropping temps. It's very likely many areas will drop to the upper 20s for tonight. The normal lows are in the 40s for this time of the year. Officially (as of Thursday morning) there are no freeze advisories for our area; that may change later today.

Remember, we said a 'very' brief visit from winter like temps; the weekend will warm up significantly. In fact, expect THE MUGGIES to return Sunday afternoon as temps climb to near 80 degrees with more moisture building in the air. And right on cue, another round of storms is expected to follow the warm moist air build up early next week.


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