Frosty Start Has Short Run - Here Comes Some Heat!!! - - Jackson, MS

Frosty Start Has Short Run - Here Comes Some Heat!!!

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Early morning patches of frost were very short lived in our area for today; plenty of 'thawing sunshine' immediately followed the cold start. High pressure, although not directly over us, is keeping the skies clear of any cloud cover for today. And that's making for a quick warm up, particularly by mid morning hours, so temps can reach into the mid 60s.  Winds have also shifted from the south, making it feel that much more comfortable.

Tonight will be clear again, no where near as cold despite the lack of cloud cover. This is a classic case of the profound effect of wind direction changing how it feels outside. Overnight temps are expected to only fall into the 40s for tonight. And the winds moving southeast at 5 to 10 mph. We also expect a few late clouds to move into our area after the midnight hour; which will slow down the temps from falling so fast.

Saturday's CAPITAL CITY CLASSIC forecast is looking sunny by game time and temps in the 60s; climbing to 70 degrees. Increasing clouds during the evening hours with winds from the southeast. And on Sunday we anticipate a high near 80 degrees with a 40% chance of showers.


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